QT Melbourne hotel review by The Cursive Collective.

The Cursive Collectives QT Melbourne hotel review – first to stay in one of the new rooms at Melbourne’s hottest new designer hotel.


A little introduction.

There’s something decidedly otherworldly about a QT Hotel experience.

From the costumed staff, to the highly curated public spaces we get the sense that we’ve just stepped into the home of someone who is very, very rich and very, very naughty.

The QT Hotel Group launch hotel, QT Gold Coast is a Miami-esque foray into the lives of the world’s most beautiful sun chasers. Since this initial product they have firmly established themselves as ‘the ones to watch’ in our  burgeoning designer hotel market.

Each property is intricately planned by the Event Entertainment Group Managing Director David Seargeant. He pours his heart, soul and unstoppable passion for eclipsing the status quo into every nook and cranny.

The Cursive Collective are here to say that not only does QT Melbourne bat in the same league as QT Sydney, but there has been a whole new level of fantasy added to the space. This success may just mean she will end up the jewel in the QT Hotel Group crown.

The review.

unspecified-9QT Hotels are all about the full experience, and this begins with our booking. By booking direct on the QT Melbourne website and joining the PGR rewards program we are guaranteed to get the best rate available.

Because of this the QT booking is a comforting and satisfying feeling. Largely due to the fact that if you are searching for a designer hotel experience you don’t want to have to go through a game of cat and mouse with online travel websites to hunt down the best rate.




A smooth confirmation comes to my email and I’m locked in for a one night stay. Our QT Melbourne hotel review is of an Executive King room. The hotel is so fresh that when I booked our room the hotel had not yet even opened its doors.

Our booking confirmation includes all the hallmarks of the QT vernacular. They have a cheeky and generous way of communicating with guests. This means you feel like you are part of the cool crew.


QT Concierge ITunes app.

QT Melbourne hotel review concierge app.In addition to the regular intel the confirmation includes a great link to a QT Concierge application. This is a veritable treasure trove of what to see and do in Melbourne. Each of the QT Hotels appear to have one of these handy little downloadable gems.

Upon downloading the app in ITunes we see that they’ve covered off the major players in each space (eat, drink, dance, shop, art etc). Because of the amount of time we’ve spent in Melbourne we expect to have been to all of them. Surprisingly we see a few fresh faces on the cards!

This is what we mean about QT being generous with their information. All of this is available for you to plan your trip before you stay. They of course offer the traditional concierge service if you prefer a face-to-face. We are lovers of forward planning so this app is perfect for us.



Once we touch down in Melbourne we jump in a cab from the airport (around 35 minutes) and head to 133 Russell Street. With QT Sydney there was a lot of hype around the Directors of Chaos and QT Melbourne has followed suit. These walking pieces of art are glamazons and your first entry point to the hotel.

We are greeted by a black and white clad pixie-like creature in a distinctly Parisienne costume with the iconic blunt bobbed wigs synonymous now with the Hotel Group. She is happy, bubbly and vivacious and ushers us to the first sensory treat in our QT experience.

Insider Tip: Valet park your cars as there is no self parking available.

The Copper Doors.


The front of a hotel is often a beige space, consequently lacking in any warmth due largely to the size of the building. Further adding to this is the usual difficulty at making a real impact on the surrounding streetscape.

QT Melbourne has conversely created one of the most prolific entrances to a hotel that we have had the pleasure to walk through.

A solid 20 feet of copper stretches around the doorway of the hotel with two enormous copper sensor doors housed in the centre. They are, by anyones definition, impressive and this grand entryway seems reminiscent of a Kings palace.

The Lobby.

QT Melbourne hotel review lobby.

Housed in the hotel lobby are a few key features of the hotel. A gorgeous patisserie is to the left of the entrance. This is The Cake Shop where we will later enjoy a Truffle Oil and Frittata baguette that is nothing short of perfect.

The hotel guest lounge that doubles as a digital art installation is to the left of the the central staircase. To the right is the reception area and impeccably chosen Nick Graham designed furniture pieces are placed perfectly resulting in a stunning space.

Further to the inlaid digital art screens in the walls of the guest lounge, a panel of digital art shines on one wall swirling and beckoning you to sit down. As a result you could sink into one of the plush sofas and enter a trance as you watch the shapes merge and blend.

QT Melbourne hotel review digital art.



The reception desk is a mash of Melbourne and Parisienne street scenes becoming a piece of art in its own right. The ceiling above you, which is two stories high, has been brought alive by another huge piece of neutral toned artwork.

The Service.

Upon arrival at reception we are checked in by proficient team members who are clearly as enamoured with their surrounds as we are – this is a great sign.


The Grand Staircase.

QT Melbourne hotel review grand staircase.

Fusing the first and second floors of the hotel is a grand staircase shrouded in blue plush carpet. Copper railings complement the overall use of the metal within the design of the hotel.

Moving forward we see a two story tall art installation made entirely of stacked, colour coded books. The enormity of the sculpture is powerful. It makes you feel as though you have been ushered into the halls of Versailles.






The Pascale Bar & Grill Bar.

QT Melbourne hotel review wall art.

No QT Melbourne hotel review would be complete without plunging head first into the wining and dining options, therefore we sent our bags up to our room and headed straight to the Pascale Bar & Grill bar.

While the bar design itself is very reminiscent of the Gowings Bar & Grill space at QT Sydney with bursts of deep colours sit aside punches of metal, it shows a distinctly Melbourne flair.

Wing-backed chairs are placed along the wall for intimate one-on-ones and gorgeous leather backed bar stools sit around tables in clusters of four for bigger groups. A long share table opens the space up, and a generous lounge area completes it.

The Service.

We order our drinks and they are poured with grace and skill by friendly and appealing staff. The staff are clearly well versed on the designer hotel crowd and are the right mix of playful and precise.


The Food.

QT Melbourne hotel review Pascale Bar & Grill wallpaper.

Pascale Bar & Grill is a force to be reckoned with.  The offer is brought to guests by the combined passion of Exec Chef Paul Easson and acclaimed restauranteur Robert Marchetti. Due to this we knew it was going to be fabulous and we were not disappointed.

We began with Truffled Mushrooms and grazed onto a precisely medium rump steak with ample sides. We then completed the feast with Chocolate Trifle infused with truffle.

By the time we checked out from the stay forming our QT Melbourne hotel review, I will have had three out of four dishes include truffles and I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.


The Service and Sounds.

Again the service was seamless with eager waiters offering the right mix of fluttering nearby versus giving you room to breathe between courses. Our water glasses were never completely empty – a fabulous service sign.

Completing the scene French hip hop comes through the speakers all night making the air around us electric. We thought about staying down for another drink but were absolutely full and very excited to take a dip in our standalone bath!

The Rooms.

QT Melbourne hotel review room carpet.

Again, we don’t want to give away too much about the property in our QT Melbourne hotel review before you arrive so have chosen a textural image rather than showing you round the entire room.

This image is indicative to us of both the bold and masculine feel in the rooms, along with the punches of colour you can expect to see woven in through the soft furnishings. It’s New York meets new Hong Kong – industrial chic with all the mod cons.

We love the free new release movies, love the naughty mini bar and adore the QT Gel bed. The bed is one of the best at any hotel we have slept in worldwide.

Concrete walls and ceilings are peppered with copper touches and strong sculptures. Softening the space are the Euro sized that are a QT signature. The rooms are impeccably clean.


The Rest.

QT Melbourne hotel review restaurant feature.

The Rooftop Bar.

As we were only in house for a night and had so thoroughly exhausted ourselves with a feast fit for the table of Monarchs, we just ducked quickly up to Level 11 to check out the Rooftop at QT bar.

Surely the largest rooftop bar in Melbourne the space is going to absolutely pump in the warmer months. Our certainty of this comes from our knowledge that the local market loves a good rooftop bar.  The outside comfy booths and designer tables are teamed with large-scale glass mirrors and a high spec sound system.

The Rooftop Bar is similar to the Pascale Bar & Lounge offering with copper spun throughout. Following the design thread signature Wing Backed chairs and leather backed bar stools also feature. It’s hip, comfy and carefully curated – thoroughly QT.

The Gym.

In addition to the Rooftop at QT Bar, the Gym is also located on Level 11 and is a great size. The space has been decked out with all the necessary equipment. It is both pristine and digitally enhanced. Now, we aren’t ‘gym people’ but our QT Melbourne hotel review wouldn’t have been complete without a little nod to it!

The Cake Shop.

The afore mentioned The Cake Shop sits in the hotel lobby. It’s a delightful spot where we sipped perfectly poured soy lattes and had a bite to eat between shopping trips. Due to its location, guests and visitors are constantly moving fluidly in and out of the space from the main hotel entrance.

The overall artistry.

Lots of QT Melbourne’s art is very, very naughty. With bathrooms that are something straight from the set of Caligula we know we have stepped into an almost anarchic environment. In true QT fashion the hotel offers something extra for those who pay close attention to detail and it’s the wallpaper that steals the show.

Most noteworthy is a strong undertone of punishment for excess that is the antonym of the QT experience. This is shown in everything from the intricate wallpaper to the ample amount of pleasure points available.

The hotel art says to the guest ‘If you are naughty here, we will give you a smack. But that smack will be almost as pleasurable as the bad deed you are being punished for, so go ahead and be naughty would you!’.

The Final Verdict of our QT Melbourne hotel review.

QT Melbourne hotel review wallpaper.

In conclusion this hotel is brilliant. Simply brilliant.

The hotel is committed to delivering the designer hotel experience and this is evident everywhere.

Because of this it is a thoroughly immersive Melbourne hotel experience and will, quite frankly, take a lot of beating.