With a view over the beautiful Hastings River, Port Macquarie is the perfect place to learn these 10 Fun Facts About Port Macquarie dolphins.

Dolphins can be found in the waters surrounding our stunning seaside town all year round. From the pods of dolphins swimming along the coastline to mothers and babies spending their first months in the safety of the inlets along the Hastings River.

Enjoy these 10 Fun Facts About Dolphins and learn more about these gorgeous and playful mammals that you will see from all of our waterfront entertainment outlets. 

Port Macquarie Dolphins

Port Macquarie Dolphins

10 Fun Facts About Port Macquarie Dolphins

Fact 1: Baby Dolphins are hipsters!

Because Port Macquarie dolphins are mammals, they are born with some hair. Every baby dolphin, called a ‘calf’, is born with a tiny little moustache above their top jaw line that falls out not long after they are born.

Fun Fact 2: Dolphin Calves are serious swimmers.

Even though humans talk a long time to learn how to become mobile, and even longer to be able to swim unaided, a dolphin calf begins swimming in their mother’s womb when they are just 9 weeks into the gestation period!

Fun Fact 3:  Dolphins are only ever half asleep.

Because dolphins live underwater they never really fall asleep. They rest by switching off half of their brain so the rest of their brain can keep them floating and breathing. This is called an ‘unconscious behaviour and means that they remain conscious at all times.

Fun Fact 4:  Port Macquarie Dolphins babies have their own version of ‘godparents’.

When a baby dolphin (calf) is born they have been gestating in their mother’s tummy for up to 12 months. No wonder, then, that the mother is incredibly protective of their newborn when they finally swim into the world tail first! One unusual marker of the dolphin species is that the mother often allows a male or female dolphin to shadow the pair and act as an extra layer of protection from the outside world as the calf begins to learn how to feed and swim.

Fun Fact 5: Dolphins have names.

When a baby dolphin is growing in their mother’s womb, the mother dolphin will begin making a unique sound that is like a whistle. Each dolphin has their own unique sound that tells the baby inside the womb what their mother’s name is. The mother dolphin will make sure that for the two weeks prior to, and two weeks after the birth of the dolphin calf her naming sound is the loudest and most frequent naming sound heard in the waters surrounding her and the calf to make sure that the baby has an understanding of her sound so she can shepherd the calf back to her if it swims too far away.

Fun Fact 6:  Bottlenose dolphins live a long time.

Just like humans, Port Macquarie dolphins can live long lives in the wild. In fact, the average age that a Bottlenose dolphin lives to is 70 years of age, and that’s almost the same age as what most human beings live to! Isn’t that awesome?

Port Macquarie Dolphins

Port Macquarie Dolphins

Fun Fact 7:  Dolphins and cows have a lot in common.

Who would have thought that the beautiful and friendly land animals, cows, and fun and spirited water animals, dolphins, would have so much in common! One of the most striking similarities between cows and dolphins is the fact that they both have two stomachs. How weird! Each has a tummy for holding their food, and another for gestating their food.

Fun Fact 8: They don’t use their chompers.

Even though adult dolphins have 100 teeth in their mouths, they don’t actually chew any of their food. Their sharp little teeth are used to grab their prey but never to chew as they swallow everything whole. It certainly makes sense as to why they have two tummies now, right?

Fun Fact 9: They have magical healing powers.

When most animals are bitten by a shark they would haemorrhage and die due to the lack of blood.  Scientists have been unable to explain how dolphins are able to heal so quickly and so thoroughly even when they get really deep cuts (like a shark bite). It’s one of the many magical things about dolphins!

Fun Fact 10: Dolphins are romantics.

Dolphins are born romantics. The only other animals who have shown romantic tendencies are primates. The would-be baby daddy dolphins collect seaweed and take it to their potential mates in a display of affection. Also, they don’t mid it when they are three dolphins in the mix! They definitely don’t dig monogamy.